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Gland Packing Materials

  • Pure PTFE Yarn
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    Pure PTFE Yarn

    PURE PTFE YARN WITH OIL For braided PTFE packing. Size: 2g/m 3g/m 5g/m
  • Graphite PTFE Yarn
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    Graphite PTFE Yarn

    GRAPHITE PTFE YARN Graphite ptfe yarn is made of PTFE and high-pure powdered graphite through special treatment. PTFE graphite yarn has a high strength and low creep and good corrosion resistance. The product is used for braiding of seal packing. Features: excellent sealing...
  • Expanded Graphite Yarn
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    Expanded Graphite Yarn

    Expanded Graphite Yarn Expanded graphite yarn is twisted and treated by special process and treatment. During the process, the graphite is reinforced with threads of cotton or other materials. It is suitable for sealing under different media, circumstances, temperature, and...
  • Kevlar Fiber Yarn
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    Kevlar Fiber Yarn

    KEVLAR FIBER YARN Versatile and strong, TENGLONG kevlar fiber yarn possesses outstanding properties of high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance and flame resistance. Kevlar fiber yarn has advantages of relative low density, fatigue resistance, tear and shear...
  • Ramie Fiber Yarn
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    Ramie Fiber Yarn

    RAMIE FIBER YARN Ramie is one of the strongest natural fibers. It exhibits even greater strength when wet. Ramie fiber is known especially for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and introduce a silky lustre to the fabric appearance. It is not as durable as other...
  • Synthetic Fiber Arcylic Fiber Yarn
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    Synthetic Fiber Arcylic Fiber Yarn

    ARCYLIC FIBER YARN 1. Product Type: cotton acrylic yarn 2. Composition of yarn: cotton and polyester blended yarn 3. Count from 0.5s to 32s Features: 1.Low abrasion resistance 2.Stiff and brittle 3.Low in elasticity Chemical Constituent: Application Areas: Knitting Weaving...
  • Cotton Yarn
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    Cotton Yarn

    Cotton Yarn Cotton yarn is soft with good effect of cable filling. It is heat resisting and has high tenacity. The surface is round after filling. Cotton yarn can be used for power cord, rubber line. The cotton yarn is suitable for power cord and all kinds of electrical...
  • Fiberglass Sewing Yarn
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    Fiberglass Sewing Yarn

    Sewing Thread Tenglong sewing thread is made from continuous fiberglass and kevlar yarns, resulting in a strong, chemical resistant textile sewing thread. Sewing thread also includes an inconel wire insert for added strength and temperature range extension. Features: Ideally...
  • Carbon Fiber Yarn
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    Carbon Fiber Yarn

    Carbon fiber yarn For braided carbon packing. Carbon fiber yarn, Made in Japan or TaiWan. Graphite and lubricant impregnated is also available Size: 2g/m; 3g/m; 5g/m; 10g/m
  • Carbonized Fiber Yarn
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    Carbonized Fiber Yarn

    Carbonized fiber Yarn For braided carbonized packing. Carbonized fiber yarn, belongs to intermediate phase between PAN and carbon fiber Y242P, PTFE impregnated is also available Size: 2g/m; 3g/m; 5g/m; 10g/m
  • Kynol Fiber Yarn
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    Kynol Fiber Yarn

    Kynol fiber Yarn For braided kynol PTFE fiber packing. 100% Kynol yarn (Novoloid). PTFE and Silicone oil impregnated is also available. Size: 2g/m; 3g/m; 5g/m; 10g/m
  • PTFE Dispersion Emulsion
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    PTFE Dispersion Emulsion

    PTFE Dispersion Emulsion Description: PTFE dispersion emulsion is usecd in Impregnation of glass fiber and asbestos, anti-sticky coating.
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