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Ceramic Fiber Cloth With Metal Reinforced

Ceramic Fiber Cloth 1.Tenglong ceramic fiber cloth is a woven fabric that is manufactured from high purity alumino-silicate based ceramic fiber, reinforced with fiberglass filament and optional alloy steel wire. 2.Ceramic fiber cloth is designed to meet the toughest thermal, mechanical and...

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Ceramic Fiber Cloth With Metal Reinforced


4400S Ceramic Fibre Cloth With Metal Reinforced Description:

1.Ceramic fibre insulation cloth is a woven fabric made from our high quality ceramic fiber yarn.

2.Ceramic fibre insulation cloth can be used for high temperature applications up to1260° C.

3.Ceramic fibre insulation cloth is reinforced with fiberglass filament, and optional Inconel/ stainless steel wire.


4400S Ceramic Fibre Cloth With Metal Reinforced Application:

-Heat insulation furnace curtain, large area thermal insulation.
-Radiant heat shielding, flexible fabric expansion joints for high temperature piping.
-Safety blankets, welding blankets, protective and insulating covers, gaskets, cable or pipe wrapping, etc. 


4400S Ceramic Fibre Cloth With Metal Reinforced Advantage:

-Lightweight and low thermal conductivity.
-Excellent insulation at high temperature.
-Resists corrosive chemicals, commonly used acid and alkali. 
-Strong and abrasive. It can be used in tough environment.
-Good substitute of asbe stos products in many insulation and sealing applications.
-Reinforcing material: glass fiber wire, stainless steel wire, glass fiber and stainless steel wire.

4400S Ceramic Fibre Cloth With Metal Reinforced Technical Data:


Ceramic  Fiber Cloth 

With Fiber 

Glass Reinforced

Ceramic Fiber Cloth 

With Metal Reinforced

TENGLONG style 4400 4400S
Reinforced Material Glass Filament Stainless Steel
English 2300℉ 2300℉
Metric 1260℃ 1260℃
Maximum Operating Temperature English 1562℉ 1922℉
Metric 850℃ 1050℃
Chemical Stability Good Good
Electrical Insualtion Property Better Good
Strength Good Better


Ceramic Fiber Cloth With Fiber Ceramic Fiber Cloth With Metal
DescripittMBLONG Style 4400 4400S
Fiber Diameter 2-4um
Density English 31.25±0.94 lb/ft3 31.25±1.88 lb/ft3
Metric 500±15 kg/m3 500±30 kg/m3
Color White
Thickness English 0.06-0.24inch
Metric 1.5-6mm
Width English 0.79-39.37inch
Metric 20-1000mm
Chemical Composition AI2O3+Si02 >96%
AI2O3 >45%
Fe2O3 <1.2%< td="">
Tenglong is one of the leading China Ceramic Fiber Products manufacturers and also a famous such supplier, welcome to wholesale cheap and good quality ceramic fiber cloth with metal reinforced from our factory.
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