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  • Rubber Seal
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    Rubber Seal

    RUBBER SEAL (EPDM/SWR/VITON/NITRILE/SILICON) The following seals are used in manlid. Other materials and sizes not listed below can be custome Ordering and code information:
  • Manlid Clamp
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    Manlid Clamp

    MANLID CLAMP Description A manlid clamp fitted to the manlid as a safety precaution opening when the tank is under pressure. Good anity-corrosion ability. Swing bolts facilitate easier maintenance and packing replacement. Eye bolt with 16mm or 3/4” eye (Dimension A) X 3/4”...
  • Super Tank Seal
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    Super Tank Seal

     Description This manlid seal combines the resilience and compression set resistance of EPDM rubber with the outstanding chemical resistance of PTFE. The seal's rectangular elastomeric core is enveloped on three sides: top and bottom sealing faces and the inside diameter...
  • PTFE Braided Seal
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    PTFE Braided Seal

    Description Clean length form braided packing for lids and fittings on static and mobile tank containers. Sunpass PTFE Braided Seal is manufactured from an inert reinforced special fiber yarn, impregnated with PTFE and an inert resin to provide a non-stick surface. Other...
  • Fep Pfa Encapsulated Seal
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    Fep Pfa Encapsulated Seal

    Description FEP ENCAPSULATED SEAL is consisted of a seamless and uniform Teflon® FEP encapsulation which completely encloses a core material of either silicone or Viton® elastomers. The combination of these components creates a seal that is virtually chemically inert and...
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