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Dust Free Asbestos Products

  • Dust Free Asbestos Braided Rope
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    Dust Free Asbestos Braided Rope

    DUST FREE ASBESTOS BRAIDED ROPE Tenglong dust free asbestos braided rope is braided by dust free asbestos yarn and its section tends to be round, twisted or square. Extensively used as heat insulation materials thermal insulations and heat conduction systems Features: good...
  • Dust Free Asbestos Twisted Rope
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    Dust Free Asbestos Twisted Rope

    DUST FREE ASBESTOS TWISTED ROPE Tenglong dust free asbestos twisted rope is manufactured by two or more strands of long asbestos (chrysotile) and widely used as caulking, sealing and heat insulation on thermal installations and heat conduction systems. Ideal working...
  • Dust Free Asbestos Tape
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    Dust Free Asbestos Tape

    DUST FREE ASBESTOS TAPE Tenglong dust free asbestos tape is made from clean asbestos yarn and woven by loom. Dust free asbestos tape has great resistance of fireproofing, and it can be used for the heat insulation of boilers and pipelines. Features: Excellent finish High...
  • Dust Free Asbestos Cloth
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    Dust Free Asbestos Cloth

    DUST FREE ASBESTOS CLOTH 1.Tenglong dust free asbestos cloth is interwoven from dust free asbestos warp and weft yarns. 2.Dust free asbestos cloth is used as thermal insulating material for boilers and pipe liens etc. used in factories, shipping, ship, power station and...
  • Dust Free Asbestos Yarn
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    Dust Free Asbestos Yarn

    Dust Free Asbestos Yarn Tenglong dust free asbestos yarn is made of high quality asbestos fiber by special water process. It's very economical compare with traditional dusted asbestos yarn. It can be made into dust free asbestos rope, cloth, tape etc., It is ideal for...
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